Welcome to Personal Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest sciences encompassing body and spirit. It means "union"; union of mind and body. The ultimate goal of yoga is spiritual relaxation and the achievement of a state of balance within ourselves.

Yoga is a very efficient method to cope with stress and tensions; it increases our strength and flexibility and controls stress.

A practice of yoga can have different levels of difficulty and intensity; it can be relaxing or exhausting.


A good Personal Yoga is the one who understands monitors and counsels on many levels for the physical and mental health! Recommendations are given for a healthier lifestyle which means a proper physical exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation of the body in general.

The relationship between the teacher and the student is friendly, the student trusts his/her teacher and the teacher, attending every class, mentors each student personally and individually.

Personal Yoga does not just mean the presence of the teacher next to you, but also a personalized program that, through appropriate training stimuli, bring the desired results.


Courses are led by a Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance International!


The lessons offered are both for beginners, those who have never done yoga before and for experts; the purpose is to improve our daily routine and the way we think, through the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual exercise.

Pregant Women

Prenatal Yoga is a course dedicated exclusively to pregnant women and consists of a combination of Yoga exercises. It helps to eliminate stress and fear of the mothers, teaches them how to love their bodies during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga calms the mind, loosens muscle tensions while oxygenates both the mother and the fetus. It also treats the normal upsets that occur during pregnancy, such as cramps, leg cramps, back pain, insomnia among others.


The lessons for the elderly consist of a combination of exercises that are safe and practicable and our goal is to free our muscular system from tensions and reach a physical and mental well being.